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JMapper Framework

Elegance, high performance and robustness all in one java bean mapper

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Fast as hand-written code with zero compromise.
Write the configuration using what you prefer: Annotation, XML or API.

Most relevant features:

especially its use is intuitive


Below it is shown the same configuration in the three types allowed

class Destination{                      class Source{
    private String id;                      private String id;
    private String destinationField;        private String sourceField;
    private String other;                   private String other;

    // getters and setters...               // getters and setters...
}                                       }
  <class name="it.jmapper.bean.Destination">
    <attribute name="id">
      <value name="id"/>
    <attribute name="destinationField">
      <value name="sourceField">
JMapperAPI jmapperAPI = new JMapperAPI()


JMapper<Destination, Source> mapper;
mapper = new JMapper<>(Destination.class, Source.class);
mapper = new JMapper<>(Destination.class, Source.class, xml);
mapper = new JMapper<>(Destination.class, Source.class, jmapperAPI);


Source source = new Source("id", "sourceField", "other");
Destination destination = mapper.getDestination(source);


destination ["id", "sourceField", null]

With JMapper we have all the advantages of dynamic mapping with the performance of static code, with 0 memory consumption.
Required java 5+

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